Financial Horizons forms Excel Private Wealth

By Andrew Rickard | February 04 2016 09:56AM

Financial Horizons Group (FHG) is amalgamating its two mutual fund dealers, Investissements Excel and Certika Investments, to form a single company: Excel Private Wealth Inc.

In a statement released on Feb. 2, the company announced that Excel Private Wealth Inc. will operate using its corporate name in English Canada and will operate in Quebec using both its corporate name and the registered French business name “Excel Gestion Privée.” As a result of the amalgamation, all contracts and accounts of Investissements Excel and Certika will automatically become contracts and accounts of Excel Private Wealth.

"FHG intends to expand the mutual fund dealership across Canada, through organic growth and key acquisitions, operating under the Excel Private Wealth/Excel Gestion Privée brand," reads the message from Financial Horizons president and CEO John Hamilton. "The growth of this mutual fund dealership is a key component of FHG’s continued mission to be the financial services company of choice for its independent advisors."

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