Financial Horizons appoints new division presidents and plans future acquisitions

By Kate McCaffery | February 26 2018 07:00AM

Patricia Ziegler

Financial Horizons Group (FHG) leadership and organizational structures have undergone a few changes in recent weeks, resulting in new positions for three of its executives.

Notably, FHG has created two new president roles within the company. David Stewart, formerly the executive vice president of sales for the company’s managing general agency (MGA) division is now president and chief operating officer of MGA Services. Stewart was also appointed president of the company’s Ontario region, replacing Tony Ryan. Ryan will continue with the company in advisor services – a liaison position designed to get advisor feedback about where the company can better provide assistance.

The second newly created position is with Continuum Financial Centres, a stand-alone financial services company with a dual mandate to serve both end consumers and succession-oriented, retiring advisors. Former chief marketing and corporate strategy officer, Patricia Ziegler was appointed president of Continuum Financial Centres and structured settlements in January.

Company president and chief executive officer, John Hamilton says the move to give Continuum a president is part of an effort to give the company more structure and organization. He says the company also has a budget to fill other roles and develop the internal infrastructure needed to succeed as a stand-alone company. Continuum’s mandate is to provide business opportunities to advisors who are seeking to expand or sell their businesses. In addition to its role as a purchaser of business blocks, Ziegler says the company is also in the business of hiring and training new advisors.

“We are a true end-to-end advisor succession planning company,” she says. “Whether you’re brand new to the business and joining for the training, or looking to exit the business and retire. We are buying those blocks of business.”

Hamilton says advisors joining the company will sometimes already have a successor chosen to replace them. “We help with that transition if they have their own hand-picked person to take over. If they have no one, then we may step in, buy the advisor, and make them part of a Continuum office.”

Stand-alone entity

Presently that company has three branches in Kitchener, Sudbury and Kingston, Ontario. It opened its first bricks and mortar location in 2013. The FHG division branded and launched as a stand-alone entity in early 2017.

In Stewart’s new role, meanwhile, the new president will continue as Financial Horizons’ contact with the company’s life insurance carrier partners. Stewart is also charged with the task of growing the Ontario region business for FHG.

“Our goal every year is to increase sales, increase revenue and increase profitability. Certainly that’s his mandate, as it is with all presidents,” Hamilton says. “I am very excited for both of them,” he adds.

He says the company plans to continue to be “very active” and involved in acquiring additional managing general agencies and advisor blocks of business in the coming year. “You will probably be hearing a lot from us through 2018,” he adds. “I’m expecting better than average growth in 2018 and beyond.”