Financial Accountability Officer to fill gaps

par The IJ Staff | July 25 2018 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer says he intends to fill in some gaps in the support his office provides to MPPs.

In submitting his 2017-2018 annual report to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on July 24, Peter Weltman, Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer, said he plans to meet with MPPs to better understand their needs and how his office can best support their work.

“As I look back on the office’s activities in its first three years of operations, I note that there are some gaps in the support that the office provides to the Assembly, which I intend to fill over the course of my five-year term,” he wrote.

As an example, he said using his office’s regular report on health spending projections as a model, the office will prepare reports on trends in other major areas of provincial spending.

Weltman also wrote that his office intends to invest additional time and resources in deepening its analytical capacity and improving its operational effectiveness.  His office will continue to develop partnerships with subject matter experts so that they can provide assistance and serve as peer reviewers.