FAIR Canada and Osgoode to create an investor protection clinic

By Andrew Rickard | September 09 2016 11:30AM

Investor right's group FAIR Canada and Professor Poonam Puri of Osgoode Hall Law School are founding an investor protection clinic. It will provide legal assistance to those who believe they have been cheated by their financial advisors or institutions.

On August 8, FAIR Canada and Puri revealed that they had received start-up funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario's Access to Justice Fund and are now preparing to launch Canada's first investor protection clinic. Staffed by law students, it will help investors who think they have been harmed or wronged.

"Assistance regarding their complaint"

"Individuals who come to the clinic will receive assistance regarding their complaint or concern regardless of which regulatory silo the investment or problem arises from," reads the announcement.

"We are confident that the project will be of tremendous value: by helping investors navigate the fragmented systems that regulate investments in Canada it will provide much needed assistance to investors who believe they have been harmed."

A comparative analysis of legislative and regulatory initiatives

FAIR Canada has also received grant money to formulate a protocol on how to deal with clients who suddenly appear to have lost mental capacity (due to dementia or otherwise) or who appear to be acting under duress (including elder financial abuse).

"The study will entail a comparative analysis of legislative and regulatory initiatives in different jurisdictions as well as stakeholder consultations," says FAIR Canada. "The study will also examine what action steps are appropriate."

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