Excel Funds lists funds on TSX NAVex

By Andrew Rickard | October 06 2016 09:45AM

Excel Funds Management is listing eight of its funds on the Toronto Stock Exchange's (TSX) new mutual fund platform, TSX NAVex.

In order make its lineup of emerging market products more accessible, Excel announced yesterday that it is listing them on TSX NAVex. The platform was launched earlier this summer and facilitates purchases and redemptions of eligible mutual funds, bringing together TMX Group's trading, clearing, and settlement services.

Excel is listing the newly-launched Series N units of the Excel India Fund, the Excel High Income Fund, the Excel Latin America Fund, the Excel Emerging Markets Fund, the Excel EM Blue Chip Balanced Fund, the Excel China Fund, the Excel India Balanced Fund, and the Excel New India Leaders Fund.

"We are extremely excited to have been a part of this initiative with the TMX Group," says Excel Funds’ president and CEO Bhim D. Asdhir. "Our funds will now be visible to all participants who currently trade TSX-listed securities. Additionally, the bulk trading capabilities supported by the platform are a major benefit to our investors."