Dynacare has acquired Quality Underwriting Services Ltd. (QUS). John Lancefield, who was the CEO of QUS, is retiring from the business.

On June 10, Brampton-based laboratory services company Dynacare purchased QUS for an undisclosed amount. In a message to advisors, QUS noted that while Lancefield is leaving, the company's former president Michael Nieminen will remain on board and help with the integration of QUS's operations into Dynacare.

In the short-term, the companies say it will be “business as usual”. Advisors will not have new points of contact, and may continue to call on the same people in the QUS and Dynacare business development and regional offices as they did before the acquisition.

Increased range of services

Dynacare says that it is now the only Canadian company able to offer a complete end-to-end solution designed specifically for the risk assessment needs of life insurance companies. The firm believes that life insurance advisors stand to benefit from its increased range of services.

"Being involved at each step of the insurance medical services delivery process allows for a greater integration of our services, which will improve specimen and data integrity, reduce ‘not-in-good-order’ information, accelerate the overall service delivery process for our clients, and ultimately improve applicant experience," reads the message. "As an example, we will quickly distribute additional mobile devices to increase the number of electronic paramedical captures, which will shorten turnaround time."