Desjardins to transplant 150 jobs from Toronto to Quebec

By Andrea Lubeck | June 14 2017 09:45AM

Photo: Jean-Philippe Bourgoin

Starting next fall and until summer 2018, Desjardins Insurance will bring about 150 jobs from Toronto back to the province of Quebec.

The compensation, claims, client contact centre, contract administration and systems user support, teams, together with a small new business group, will gradually transfer. The city to where these jobs would be transferred was not specified.

Duplication in some cases

Jacques Bouchard, a spokesperson at Desjardins, explains that this decision was intended to boost the team’s effectiveness. “We evaluated activities to be able to gather the teams in one place so that they can work more efficiently. There was duplication in some cases. These are the main positions that will be affected.”

In an announcement sent to its distribution partners, the insurer said that keeping these operations in several locations is “expensive and adds to the complexity of our operation.” The notice also mentions that some positions will be maintained at the Toronto offices, particularly underwriting, new business and compensation.