Denis Tremblay joins Assumption Life

By Serge Therrien | March 14 2016 11:26AM

Denis Tremblay | Photo: Réjean Meloche

Denis Tremblay has taken on a new challenge. On March 11, he joined Assumption Life as its vice president of sales and marketing. Based in Moncton, Tremblay will be responsible for implementing new deployment strategies for the insurer's sales and marketing across Canada. Tremblay has experience in the life insurance industry, having previously held management positions at both Empire Life and Maritime Life.

In an interview with, a sister publication of The Insurance and Investment Journal, Assumption Life's president, André Vincent, said that Tremblay's appointment is timely as the insurer is now ready to implement a plan that will double its growth by 2020. Tremblay's appointment will therefore allow the insurer to maximize productivity in its existing distribution channels.

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