CRA's Notice of Assessment gets a new look

By Andrew Rickard | February 18 2016 11:41AM

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has redesigned the Notice of Assessment (NOA) document.

In the fall of 2014 the CRA completed a review of how its documents are structured, formatted, and written. In light of the study, tax authorities are making changes so that its information is easier to read and understand. This month, the CRA will begin using a new version of the NOA that has a simplified layout.

Clearly displayed

“The most important information is clearly displayed with the account summary on the first page. The text is easier to understand and includes only the most important information,” reads the announcement from the CRA. “Additional CRA services you may be interested in are highlighted. This includes online services, Direct Deposit, My Account, and help for persons with hearing or visual impairments such as operator-assisted relay service.”

The CRA notes that taxpayers can also view their NOAs through its My Account self-service portal at, or by using the MyCRA mobile app.


"The simplified NOA is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to make the CRA more client-focused and more helpful by improving the ways the CRA communicates with Canadians," concludes the announcement.