Communication opportunities for Co-operators

By Mathieu Carbasse | March 30 2016 07:00AM

Robert Martin

“When we started to be really active on social networks, our clients were already there. We realized that a new world was unfolding, that discussions were happening,” says Robert Martin, senior director, Corporate Marketing, at Co-operators. “Boosting our sales was definitely not our prime objective.” 

Co-operators is well aware that social networks provide opportunities to communicate about a brand or product. On social networks, the cooperative insurer allots 40% of its presence to highlighting its brands and services, 40% to discussing subjects related to its brand and 20% to publishing sales-oriented content. The ultimate goal is to integrate social networks in all brand marketing tools. 

For Martin, however, the number of people who follow Co-operators is less important than the engagement rate of the community. The insurer regularly transplants traditional advertising campaigns to social media. 

“The two campaigns can go hand in hand, one can be the extension of the other. A TV ad lasts 30 seconds or one minute at most. Social networks let us extend the original campaign,” he says.