CIBC Offers Home Delivery for Foreign Currency

By Andrew Rickard | November 03 2015 02:12PM

CIBC is offering a new foreign exchange service and will deliver up to 75 currencies to both clients and non-clients free of charge.

The new service, which was announced on Oct. 30, allows people to purchase foreign currency online and have the money delivered to their homes, a CIBC banking centre, or to Toronto Pearson Airport. Customers must order at least $300 worth of currency in order to use the service.

"Clients are given a real-time foreign currency rate that once added to the shopping cart, is held for 30 minutes," explains CIBC. "The service also allows for the purchase of multiple currencies in one transaction. Once ordered, the cash is delivered to most locations in two to three business days. Clients also receive detailed tracking information."

While there is a $2,500 limit on the amount that may be ordered for home delivery, CIBC clients may collect up to $9,500 at the airport, or up to $50,000 at a CIBC banking centre. Those who are not CIBC clients need to register at the web site before placing their currency order.