CIBC Launches Two Pooled Funds

By Andrew Rickard | October 08 2014 01:02PM

CIBC Asset Management (CAM) has launched two new fixed income products for institutional investors, and has hired four new employees.

On October 2, CAM launched its CIBC Canadian Bond Core Plus Pool and CIBC High Yield Bond Pool. The former holds a core portfolio of Canadian fixed-income securities that is complemented by global developed sovereign bonds and high yield bonds, and the latter aims for earn higher returns by purchasing undervalued and underrated securities while also attempting to avoid distressed and deteriorating credits.

Besides adding two new institutional pools, CIBC Asset Management has also added four new members to its investment team. Trevor Bateman has joined the team as vice president, senior analyst, credit. Scott Vali is CAM’s new vice president, portfolio manager, equities and Sara Shahram has signed on as associate portfolio manager, equities. Finally, Brent Reuter has joined CAM as vice president of institutional business development.