CI Investments introduces CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios

By The IJ Staff | January 21 2019 11:30AM

CI Investments announced on Jan. 21 the launch of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios. The company says the five distinct portfolios blend “the benefits of exchange-traded funds with the accessibility of a mutual fund structure.”

"These portfolios make ETFs more accessible to a much broader group of Canadian investors," said Roy Ratnavel, Executive Vice-President and Head of Sales for CI Investments. "They combine investments in a wide range of ETFs with the benefits of a professionally constructed and well-diversified portfolio – all through the convenience of a single investment."

The portfolios are managed by CI Multi-Asset Management (CIMAM), a division of CI led by Chief Investment Officer Alfred Lam.

The lead portfolio manager of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios, Stephen Lingard, said that, in addition to CIMAM's asset allocation capabilities, one of the major differentiators of CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios is their hybrid architecture, which includes actively managed and smart beta ETFs from First Asset Investment Management, as well as passive, third-party ETFs.

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