FP Canada and Metrix have been awarded a bronze medal by the Brandon Hall Group for FP Canada's CFP Professional Education Program. The program is designed to help prospective financial planners acquire the skills they need to deliver real value to Canadians.

The Brandon Hall Group awards recognize the best learning programs around the world, highlighting the work of organizations that have identified learning needs and designed and delivered programs that have had a positive impact on the organizations and their students.

Helps advisors develop essential skills

"It's an honour to be recognized by the Brandon Hall Group,” said Cary List, president and CEO of FP Canada. “The award highlights our commitment to helping prospective financial planners develop the skills needed to best guide their clients in this ever-changing, complex world.

“The CFP Professional Educational Program teaches financial planners to take a 360-degree view of their clients' lives to deliver the best advice, and to affect the best possible outcomes for their clients."

The CFP Professional Education Program, an online program launched in November 2019, was created to address critical skills gaps among financial planners.

Program receives thumbs up from students and employers alike

"We are excited to receive global recognition in the Best Certification Program category, which saw entries from banks, technology companies and other Fortune 500 companies from around the world," said Tom Hamza, head of the FP Canada Institute. "The award underscores the positive feedback the CFP Professional Education Program has received from students and employers alike."

The program covers principles of human behaviour, ethics and holistic financial planning, and teaches professional skills in the areas of communications, critical thinking and relationships. Developed and designed in partnership with Metrix, the program is offered on an innovative online platform that blends interactive tutorials, videos and real-world case studies, supplemented with live instructor interaction.