Canadians less charitable in 2015

By Andrew Rickard | November 18 2015 11:31AM

A poll shows that fewer Canadians plan to give to charities this year.

According to a survey of a thousand adults conducted by Pollara for the Bank of Montreal (BMO), 80% of Canadians plan to give an average of $694.11 to charities this year. The number of people who plan to give is about 10% lower than last year, but it is still in line with the 81% average that dates back to 2012. This year’s average dollar amount is down slightly from 2014, when it was $719.79.

BMO’s annual Charitable Giving Survey also found that fewer people plan to give during the upcoming holiday season, down to 69% from the 75% reported last year, and the average amount they plan to contribute is $167.

"Despite the overall decrease, more than half (54%) said they plan to donate about the same amount to charities this holiday season as last year, and one-in-ten (13%) plan to donate more," notes BMO.

Broken down by province, British Columbians were the most generous donors with an annual charitable contribution of $1,235.61, while Quebecers make the smallest donations with an annual average of $275.