Canadians less optimistic in 2016

By Andrew Rickard | January 05 2016 01:27PM

A poll from CIBC shows that fewer Canadians are confident about their finances.

The survey of 1,508 Canadian adults found that 69% feel positive about their current financial situation, which is 5% less than a year ago.

Albertans were the least optimistic of all regions, with positive sentiment dropping by 21% to 62%. The outlook also declined in Ontario and Quebec, where 68% and 71% of those surveyed expressed confidence respectively.

CIBC notes that although Canadians age 55 and older remain the most positive about their finances, they were also the group that reported the largest decline in this year's survey; the number of optimists in this demographic fell from 82% a year ago to 74% this year.

Asked if they will be able to meet their future financial goals, 80% of Canadians said they will. People in Manitoba and Saskatchewan were the most inclined to think things will go well, with 88% expecting to hit their financial targets.

"It's encouraging to see that Canadians are generally optimistic about reaching their future financial goals, but confidence alone won't get you there - without a plan, there's a real risk you won't achieve what you are aiming for in 2016," comments Christina Kramer, executive vice president at CIBC. "Goals such as building up an emergency fund or paying down debt require a year-round focus, which means it needs to be more than a New Year's resolution that fades away by February."