CAA Insurance announced April 18 that it is offering a 25 per cent discount to the children or dependents of CAA Insurance auto policyholders in good standing, if the child or dependent under the age of 25 has a clean driving record.

The launch of the CAA Head Start Discount began mid-April for new business and will become available after June 15 for renewals.

“CAA Insurance has always made decisions with the best interests of its customers in mind. When designing programs, products or initiatives, CAA Insurance makes data driven decisions by polling both policyholders and the public,” the company states in an announcement about the program’s launch. “What would a customer benefit from? This question helps the company stay modern and relevant.” 

The company’s group president, Matthew Turack continues saying “we are confident that continuing to innovate and offer savings and programs that cater to the lifestyles of our customers is a strong business decision. The CAA Head Start Discount gives CAA Insurance the ability to be responsive to the needs of our customers.” 

The discount can be had by approaching an agent or broker to see if dependents are eligible.