Bridgehouse proposes fund mergers

By The IJ Staff | January 31 2019 09:30AM

Bridgehouse Asset Managers, the retail trade name for Brandes Investment Partners & Co., announced a proposal on Jan. 29 to merge a number of funds. The mergers would be subject to obtaining securityholder and regulatory approvals.

The funds to be merged on or about May 3, 2019 are:

Terminating Funds

Continuing Funds

Brandes Global Balanced Fund

Sionna Monthly Income Fund

Sionna Diversified Income Fund

Sionna Canadian Balanced Fund



Sionna Canadian Small Cap Equity Fund

Sionna Opportunities Fund


The funds to be merged on or about August 23, 2019 are:

Terminating Fund

Continuing Fund

Brandes U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund

Brandes Global Small Cap Equity Fund


Bridgehouse has also decided to make changes to the Sionna Canadian Balanced Fund, effective April 12, 2019. It will reduce the management fee applicable to Series A and Series F of the Fund; redesignate Series AN and FN of the Fund as Series A and F; change the distribution policy to monthly (effective May 15, 2019); enhance the investment strategies to include dividend paying companies, and change the name of the Fund to Sionna Strategic Income Fund.

Bridgehouse has also decided to expand its large investor program to provide additional fee reductions for certain qualifying investors in Lazard Global Compounders Fund.