BMO Asset Management introduces three asset allocation ETFs

By The IJ Staff | February 18 2019 09:30AM

BMO Asset Management announced on Feb. 15 the launch of three risk-based asset allocation Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The new ETFs are: the BMO Conservative ETF (ZCON), which targets exposure of 60% fixed income and 40% equity; the BMO Balanced ETF (ZBAL), which targets exposure of 40% fixed income and 60% equity and the BMO Growth ETF (ZGRO), which targets exposure as 20% fixed income and 80% equity.

"The new asset allocation ETFs provide diversified exposures with quarterly rebalancing, which help investors stay in the market as a buy-and-hold strategy," said Kevin Gopaul, Global Head of ETFs, BMO Global Asset Management.

Additionally, BMO Asset Management has introduced four other ETFs: the BMO Ultra Short-Term US Bond ETF (ZUS.U, ZUS.V); the BMO Covered Call US Banks ETF (ZWK); BMO NASDAQ 100 Equity Index ETF (ZNQ) and the BMO Equal Weight US Health Care Index ETF (ZHU).