BMO Adds Five Mutual Funds and Four ETFs

By Andrew Rickard | November 18 2014 07:22AM

BMO Investments has added five mutual funds and four exchange traded funds (ETFs) to its product lineup. The mutual funds are designed for investors who want both income and growth. The five mutual funds are:

  •  The BMO Core Bond Fund, which will invest primarily in Canadian government and investment grade corporate bonds. The fund is meant for investors who want both a high level of income and capital preservation.
  •  The BMO Core Plus Bond Fund will invest in Canadian government and investment grade corporate bonds as well as higher-yielding, fixed-income asset classes. It aims to generate a large amount of interest income and will take a total return approach.
  •  The BMO Global Balanced Fund is an international fund that will hold both equity and fixed-income investments. It is designed for investors who want steady growth.
  •  The BMO U.S. Dividend Fund is a US equity fund meant for investors who require both income and long-term capital growth. It is the Canadian dollar version of the existing BMO U.S. Dollar Dividend Fund.
  •  The BMO U.S. Equity Plus Fund is a blue-chip equity fund. It will seek high returns through companies in both Canada and the US.

  • The four ETFs launched by BMO Asset Management are:
  •  The BMO MSCI All Country World High Quality Index ETF (ZGQ). This global equity fund will take a “quality investing” approach. This strategy selects companies with stable business models and viable competitive advantages.
  •  The BMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETF (ZUQ), another "quality investing" ETF, offers exposure to high quality, industry-leading US companies.
  •  The BMO Equity Linked Corporate Bond ETF (ZEL) is meant for investors who want fixed income exposure with equity market upside. It will invest in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds and will also buy equity market options.
  • The BMO International Dividend ETF (ZDI) is aimed at yield-oriented investors who want a diversified portfolio of international equities. It provides exposure to large- and mid-capitalization international companies with sustainable dividend yields.
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    All of the mutual funds and ETFs are now available for purchase.