Authentic passion requires a firm purpose

By La rédaction | September 14 2012 02:10PM

How can I be more passionate in my presentations?

Your passion translates into your prospect’s urgency. Passionate presentations are more compelling and interesting. They are easier to recommend. They are more meaningful and helpful. Without passion you will be a forgettable advisor.
When you are passionate in your presentation and service, you subconsciously encourage clients to take action. This is good for you but it is also good for them. They get the benefit of being inspired to do what they need to do. You get the satisfaction of helping someone do what they would not have likely done except for your passion.

What is passion? Passion is the outer expression of an inner purpose. A strong passion signifies a strong purpose. The stronger your purpose; the hotter your passion. The hotter your passion; the more likely your prospects are to take the actions you recommend. That’s how you can change the world.

Passion in the financial services business is expressed in specializing in a particular aspect of the business that you find most interesting. It shows when you focus your effort on particular audiences that mean the most to you. It drives perseverance. It creates endurance.

Working with passion is energizing. It is not fatiguing. When you have passion you can do more and more easily. You aren’t really working. Your passion is at the heart of your calling. It is what helps you achieve Million Dollar Round Table production and beyond. It’s what helps you win sales campaigns. It makes you interested in helping your clients achieve their highest level of success. Passion connects you with client motivation.

Passion is an interesting thing. You can’t fake it. Pretending you are passionate about something when you are not comes off phoney in the extreme. If there is no strong, honest purpose behind the passion, you will look and sound forced and unbelievable. Phoney passion is theatrical and ineffective. Your effort will backfire completely.

Authentic passion requires a firm purpose that sincerely matters to you. You don’t create it. You uncover it. It has to be a part of you. It has to be the reason to be in business that explains why you do what you do what you do every day. It’s why you put in the time you do. It’s why you dedicate yourself to your clients. It’s why you put up with the abuse of attracting new business.

A firm purpose changes the nature of every experience and activity required to achieve it making it easier to accomplish.

For instance, if you’re like my friend Edgar De Souza and want “to inspire people to properly insure themselves”, that purpose makes it a lot easier to put up with the negatives you experience finding the people you can inspire to buy. It drives you too. It makes you want to find more people to help and do more for them.

Passion is motivation that doesn’t fade over time. Passionate presentations are more effective and profitable. Find your passion and you find your driver for high performance.