An opportunity to connect with your industry

By Serge Therrien | November 24 2010 04:09PM

“To those who did not attend The Insurance and Investments Convention, what did you miss? Something very important…the opportunity to connect with your professional community and recharge your batteries.”

This was the message that André Di Vita delivered to those in the industry who did not participate in The Insurance and Investments Convention 2010, which was held on Nov. 9, in Montreal.

Mr. Di Vita, an Industrial Alliance Regional Vice-President of Sales, was invited to present an evaluation of the day during the closing session of the convention.

He mentioned how important it is to refuel your energy at such gatherings and added that there can be no professional growth without personal growth. This convention brings something positive to our personal growth, he said, whether you work with an insurer, a managing general agency or as a financial advisor.

He gave the example of a message from convention speaker Jean-François Archambault, of la Tablée des Chefs, who dared to leave his comfort zone by taking on an important social cause: providing food to those who do not have enough.

André Di Vita invited the industry to follow his example: you have to dare to grow and this requires, first of all, leaving your comfort zone. To do this, we have to step back and take on the role of an observer to gain some perspective on our own situation, our own emotions and thoughts.

The convention also highlighted a new reality, said Mr. Di Vita: “As well as life’s two certainties, death and taxes, the industry can now add a third element: compliance.”

Mr. Di Vita advised participants: “If you don’t take care of compliance, it will take care of you!” He applauded the efforts of CAILBA, an association of managing general agencies, which unveiled a new initiative at the convention aimed at helping its members deal with ever-increasing compliance demands (see article, page 18).

Rather than see compliance as an obstacle, Mr. Di Vita suggested that it should be viewed as an opportunity to take yourself to a higher level.

“The convention shows us how our industry is evolving and I can tell you that it is progressing,” concluded Mr. Di Vita.

Participation at this year’s convention supported his observation: a total of 1,725 people attended the event and took part in a multitude of activities that enabled them to explore how they could dare to grow.