In a recent panel discussion held for AM Best TV, industry commentators focused on the talent crunch United States insurers are feeling, bringing up themes familiar to those working to fill Canadian roles as well. In short, they say the number of technology-related roles in the industry are growing the fastest, but are, and will be, the most difficult to fill.

“The need for both skilled information technology professionals and employees with digital and technology prowess working in other areas of the organization has never been greater, or positions more challenging to fill,” writes AM Best TV’s senior associate editor, Lori Chordas in a recent briefing entitled Insurers Brace for Turnover in Talent, Skills.

Panelists gathered for her presentation say cloud data and analytics are the highest in-demand skills, followed by demand for agile product managers. In short, they say the industry needs people who understand both the industry and the technology at the same time. They add that insurers may have little choice but to train, as many are competing with technology companies and insurance startups for the same talent. They note, however, that the insurance industry is stable, relative to some of these other employers, which may be a big benefit to those who’ve recently gone through layoffs and downsizing.