AlphaDelta Launches Mutual Funds

By Andrew Rickard | February 03 2015 01:01PM

AlphaDelta Management has launched a new family of actively managed mutual funds.

On January 29, AlphaDelta, which is affiliated with Qwest Investment Fund Management, launched three new mutual funds:

  • AlphaDelta Canadian Prosperity Class Fund, managed by Laurus Investment Counsel
  • AlphaDelta Global Value Class Fund, managed by Neosho Capital LLC
  • AlphaDelta Growth of Dividend Income Class Fund, managed by SciVest Capital Management
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    In a news release announcing the new funds, AlphaDelta suggested that some Canadian investment managers remain largely unknown despite their skills, experience, and performance records. The firm says it intends to discover these managers before they become popular, and then support and promote them.

    "We believe in being sustainable and investment-driven, rather than influenced by slick marketing or short-term thinking," comments AlphaDelta CEO Victor Therrien. "Our management team brings over one hundred years of collective experience, and after seeing the growth of the abstract investment products market, we resolved to focus on being timeless, durable and uncomplicated."