Allianz launches travel insurance payment card

By Andrew Rickard | June 02 2016 09:35AM

Allianz is launching a new travel insurance program that will allow people to use a payment card to deal with emergency medical claims.

On May 30, Allianz announced the launch of its new PassportCard system. The new program is meant to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and paperwork for those who need to make insurance claims while travelling. The insurer provides clients with a payment card; should they require emergency medical help while abroad, Allianz Global Assistance will transfer funds to the card and provide a referral to the nearest medical facility. The client then uses the card to pay the medical bill and the claim is settled immediately, with no additional paperwork.

Customer experience

"This solution is unlike any other offering available in Canada or North America today. Using PassportCard's technology, we can assist travellers more effectively and efficiently, making their life easier in the process. This directly aligns with our mission of helping people anytime, anywhere," says Gino Riola, vice president of sales and marketing at Allianz Global Assistance Canada. "With this solution, we're not only setting ourselves apart in our industry as innovators and leaders in customer experience, but also increasing the value travellers place on and receive from travel insurance."

During the launch phase Allianz is only offering PassportCard on certain products and on a limited basis. Once the limited program has proven successful, the insurer plans to roll out the feature to other distribution partners.

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