AGF launches their first ETF products

By Donna Glasgow | January 30 2017 11:30AM

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AGF Investments Inc. today announced the launch of seven new exchange traded funds. AGF’s QuantShares ETFs are actively managed by AGFiQ Asset Management. AGFiQ is the company’s new quantitative investing and ETF solutions platform, which was also introduced today.

"Today is an exciting day for AGF as we bring forth a value proposition that is unique and different for Canadian investors and our clients through our new ETF offering," said Blake C. Goldring, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AGF Management Limited.

Unique value proposition

"We spent a significant amount of time refining our quantitatively-based investment processes and capabilities to unify them under AGFiQ," said Kevin McCreadie, President and Chief Investment Officer, AGF Investments Inc. "Our team of investment professionals builds portfolios with an emphasis on factor-driven investing and our proprietary multi-factor approach allows for intelligent portfolio construction that provide opportunities for total return while also actively managing risk and the potential for losses."

AGF to open trading this morning

The following ETFs began trading on the TSX today:

  • QuantShares Enhanced Core Canadian Equity ETF
  • QuantShares Enhanced Core US Equity ETF
  • QuantShares Enhanced Core International Equity ETF
  • QuantShares Enhanced Core Emerging Markets Equity ETF
  • QuantShares Global Equity Rotation ETF
  • QuantShares MultiAsset Allocation ETF
  • QuantShares MultiAsset Income Allocation ETF

The Toronto Stock Exchange invited AGF to open trading this morning to launch the new ETFs. In a press release, the TSX noted that “2016 marked a record year for TSX in terms of growth in the ETF sector. TSX listed 77 new ETFs in 2016, bringing the total number of ETFs listed to 454 with a total market capitalization of approximately $113.5 billion as of December 31, 2016.”

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