AGF Investments is now disclosing the environmental footprint of its Global Sustainable Growth Equity Fund every quarter.

On Sept. 23, AGF announced that it had decided to disclose a range of environmental factors related to the fund, including carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, water usage, waste, land and water pollutants, air pollutants, and natural resource usage. To calculate the footprint, AGF says it will rely on both reported and estimated data for the direct and indirect supply chain effects from each holding's operations. This information will be published on the AGF web site.

"There is much work to be done to ensure that we are managing climate risk. What gets measured, gets managed," comments Deb Abbey, CEO of the Responsible Investment Association. "Environmental disclosure is a key part of the solution for investors, so we are pleased to confirm that AGF Global Sustainable Growth Equity is the first mutual fund in Canada to publicly disclose its environmental footprint and we congratulate the managers for doing so."