A New Year and a new beginning!

By Serge Therrien | January 26 2010 06:24PM

In this first edition of the year 2010, you will have noticed an addition to our name. The Insurance Journal is now The Insurance and Investment Journal. Why the change? Over the fourteen years that we have published our magazine, the industry and many of our readers - Canada's financial advisors - have evolved to include increasing emphasis on investments in their product mix, such as guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit products, universal life with investment options, segregated funds, mutual funds and more.

Our news coverage has reflected these developments and, as a result, each month we are publishing solid coverage of investment product news and trends, in addition to our insurance, wealth management and financial planning content.

The relevance of our content in the career development of financial services professionals was recognized by the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFPs) which purchased magazine subscriptions for their 3000 members.

Pictured above are examples of cover pages from past editions that will remind you of some of our in-depth investment articles on major news, trends and developments in the investment market.

Maintaining and further strengthening our position as the life insurance industry's news and information leader continues to be a priority for our publication. At the same time, we also see our mandate as providing you with product news and sales strategies that will help you serve your clients' investment planning and decision-making needs.

By delivering articles on products that feature interviews with renowned industry experts, as well as sales advice and motivational tips from top advisors, The Insurance and Investment Journal looks forward to continuing as your information partner in prosperity in the years to come.

Wishing you great sales success in 2010!