In this column from Insurance Journal’s archives, Jim Ruta explains how to achieve your business goals. 

Question: Do you have any new ways to improve my chances of achieving the business goals I set every year? 

When all is said and done, there is a lot more said, than done about goal setting. So, if you set goals, you are already in a very small group who set any goals at all. Research says that only 3% of people set goals and 92% of them do not achieve their goals despite setting them year after year.

Want to be more successful? Begin with the essentials: 

Written goals will make you much more likely to succeed. Very specific goals are critical. Keeping your goals visible and top of mind increases your odds. Measuring and monitoring your progress is key. Being accountable for your goals to yourself and others also dramatically increases your chances.

I’ve helped advisors with these odds and ideas for years with mixed results. Recently though, I found a way to put it all together in one idea that makes the traditional ideas part of your life. It’s the “Future Media Release Strategy” or FMRS. It automatically combines all goal setting essentials in one page. It helps you set short and long-term goals that impress and inspire you to accomplish.

The FMRS is a unique media release that reveals to you just how impressive your future success will be. You inspire yourself!

Media releases record special achievement and cheer on the subject to attract media attention and interest. A FMRS paints an exciting, emotional picture of your successful future that gets your attention and interest and moves you to make your biggest goals a reality. Here’s how to write one:

Date a “media release” 1 to 5 years from now about you and your future business success announcing the achievement of a big, audacious business goal you set today. When you write, dream big and see yourself winning: “Andy Agent, of Agent Insurance Planning is pleased to announce he has qualified for MDRT Top of the Table for the first time and qualifies in the top 0.1% of Advisors worldwide!” 

Make the release just 1 page and use your future accomplished goal as a bold headline: “Andy Agent, of Agent Insurance Planning one of the top 0.1% of Advisors worldwide!”

Explain the specific steps you took to achieve the goal and who you have become in the process. Explain what you did differently to achieve at this extraordinary performance. “Agent committed five years ago to help small business owners and entrepreneurs like himself with their essential financial security planning. He’s since become the small business financial security expert in Canada and is sought after for his financial opinions and advice.” 

Itemize the challenges you overcame and how you overcame them. “But it wasn’t easy. Market conditions were not always favourable to this sort of performance improvement and the pandemic forced a business model change midstream. Competition was stiff and, to get ahead, Agent had to study the entrepreneurial market and their key financial issues in detail so he could address them expertly. He then dug deep into the industry to find and implement the best possible solutions for their most pressing problems. He then used all available marketing, social media and committed community involvement to become the ‘go-to’ insurance professional for entrepreneurs in the area.”

Share the glory by recognizing the people who helped you. “Agent credits his top-notch staff for helping him keep up the pace and achieve this recognition. He also acknowledges his coach, Jim Ruta for keeping him on track and accountable.”

Remember where you were when you set the goal. “Agent began his run to the top of the life insurance business just 5 short years ago when his performance was just 10% of what it is today. But he was committed to his plan to change his business and his results and he stuck to it.” 

Provide a sneak peek at what’s to come for you in the next period too. “Agent sees his company’s current success as just a stepping-stone to greater improvement and expertise. The future is bright and Andy wonders if there is a Top of the Top of the Table category.” 

Frame the release and post it where you will see it every day. Keep it visible to you and your staff so that the goal is always top of mind and your process is clear for you.” 

This simple idea is so much more than a media release. When completed, it is a business game plan with a specific goal, a defined timeline, and a goal achievement process – every necessary step is there – including the energy to do it.

It’s your completed goal achievement “story”. Stories connect powerfully with your emotions and inspire you to do what you already said you did. Essentially, you live up to your dreams. Use this new tool to bring your goals to life, inspire yourself and be the overachiever you plan to be in 2021 and beyond. 

This column by renowned advisor coach Jim Ruta was first published in the December 2020 edition of Insurance Journal magazine.

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