The special reports of 2020

The Insurance Portal invites you to read its special reports published during 2020.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 30 2020 09:30AM
Regulation in the time of COVID-19

[SPECIAL REPORT] For financial services companies, dealing with the rapid pace of regulatory change is a significant cha…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 23 2020 10:10AM
Insurers seek to meet higher expectations

[SPECIAL REPORT] Insurers are striving to meet higher customer experience expectations set by companies such as Amazon. …

P&C | December 18 2020 09:30AM
Customer experience: Laying the foundation for better service in the future

[SPECIAL REPORT] The insurance industry is working to enhance customer experience. These efforts go hand in hand with bi…

SOCIETY | December 04 2020 03:02PM
Canada Life aims to help advisors do more business with new focus on distribution

[SPECIAL REPORT] Canada Life is setting up two new wholesaling teams with the goal of helping the company’s advisory net…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 24 2020 10:00AM
Behavioural insights from industry experts

[SPECIAL REPORT] In this special report, behavioural researchers offer valuable insight into client behaviour, such as t…

INVESTMENT | October 28 2020 10:15AM
Sustainable investing gains ground

[SPECIAL REPORT] Not all financial intermediaries are on board yet, but sustainable investing has taken off in a big way…

INVESTMENT | October 27 2020 10:00AM