Cyber threat!

[SPECIAL REPORT] Cyber risk has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finance and insurance are the most often targete…

SOCIETY | April 27 2021 10:42AM
Mental health in the workplace

[SPECIAL REPORT] More employers want to support employees experiencing mental health issues before they get to the disab…

HEALTH | March 30 2021 10:01AM
Telematics and autonomous cars: crossroads ahead

[SPECIAL REPORT] Autonomous cars are making solid inroads into the Canadian auto insurance market. Financial regulators …

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COVID-19: Anxiety is affecting sleep quality

[SPECIAL REPORT] Many people around the world are having more trouble sleeping, mainly because of anxiety due to COVID-1…

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Investment: The keys to transcending the turmoil

[SPECIAL REPORT] The Insurance Portal has identified five trends that will impact investor portfolios in the coming mont…

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Life and health insurance sales decline in third quarter 2020

[SPECIAL REPORT] LIMRA’s latest research report reveals a decrease in sales.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 26 2021 09:35AM
Why the industry needs to take cardiovascular disease to heart

A special feature by the Insurance Portal.

HEALTH | January 21 2021 09:30AM