Manulife takes swipe at annuity buy-in market

Says peace of mind for employers can be costly.

INVESTMENT | September 28 2023 10:40AM
Ontario seeks feedback on permanent target benefit pension framework

Think tank says ‘well done’ but still points out critical points for reconsideration.

SOCIETY | September 25 2023 10:50AM
Regulator seeks feedback on pension plan framework updates

Stakeholders invited to send in comments by September 28.

INVESTMENT | August 18 2023 10:55AM
Insurance association puts forward federal budget recommendations

Submission focuses on better retirement income solutions, tax credits for dental plans and consumer privacy.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 14 2023 10:55AM
Underwriters make recommendations ahead of 2024 federal budget

Group encourages focus on the transition of small businesses, RRSP contributions and incentives for businesses providing…

SOCIETY | August 08 2023 10:30AM
Sun Life discusses record-breaking year in the pension risk transfer market

Annuity yields improve compared to provincial bond yields, fuelling fiercely competitive market.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 04 2023 10:30AM
Steady returns and stronger pension plan positioning

Defined benefit plans report modestly positive returns and higher solvency ratios.

SOCIETY | August 03 2023 10:37AM