Lack of urgency about sustainable pensions is putting many seniors at risk

The futures of many Canadians are being taken “down a dangerous path,” the Pioneering Pensions conference was told.

SOCIETY | November 15 2022 10:30AM
Decumulation strategies diversify

New products offer innovative ways to avoid outliving savings.

INVESTMENT | November 04 2022 10:59AM
Maximum pensionable earnings for 2023 announced

The Canada Revenue Agency announced the new ceiling on Nov. 1. It is calculated according to a CPP legislated formula.

SOCIETY | November 01 2022 02:53PM
Pension plans’ financial positions decline

Asset performance and bond yields push funded ratios lower in the third quarter.

SOCIETY | October 05 2022 10:07AM
Canada falls in global ranking of retiree’s well-being

Lower scores for material well-being, tax pressure, environment and overall happiness drive Canada out of top 10 positio…

SOCIETY | September 14 2022 04:28PM
Plans improve liabilities, but returns plunge

Although buoyed by rising interest rates, defined benefit pension plans racked up their worst performance in decades.

INVESTMENT | August 08 2022 10:35AM
Pension risk transfers surge in Canada

A record year in 2021 contrasts sharply with the decline in 2020 and confirms insurers’ risk-taking capacity.

INVESTMENT | July 19 2022 10:59AM