Insurers coordinate to execute annuity buy-out deal for Ford of Canada

Majority of private defined benefit pension plans in Canada remain unsecured by annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 22 2024 09:42AM
Many Canadians are saving for retirement without a plan

A newly released study reveals both encouraging and concerning news about Canadians and their retirement savings.

SOCIETY | February 15 2024 04:01PM
Defined benefit plans finish 2023 higher despite fourth quarter pullback

Aon and Mercer publish respective year-end pension health statistics.

INVESTMENT | January 04 2024 10:30AM
Insurance poised for significant growth... among the wealthiest

A significant portion of high-net-worth individuals lack life insurance, even among the wealthiest. Is the industry set …

LIFE INSURANCE | December 22 2023 10:59AM
Desjardins launches deferred annuity in individual network

The insurer offers the advanced life deferred annuity (ALDA) through the network of individual savings advisors.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 15 2023 10:05AM
Segregated funds and annuities: Two products for life

They can be a lifeline for workers without a private retirement plan.

INVESTMENT | December 15 2023 09:36AM
Actuaries publish exploration of pension pool design elements

Lagging regulatory frameworks impede the proliferation of lifetime pension pools.

SOCIETY | December 14 2023 10:31AM