Vast majority of organizations unprepared to respond to a cyberattack

IBM Security released on April 11 the results of a global study exploring organizations' preparedness when it comes to w

P&C | April 12 2019 09:30AM
Global data breach affects Equifax

An investigation into a global data breach has found that both Equifax Canada and its U.S.-based parent company fell far

INVESTMENT | April 10 2019 09:30AM
Fraud and identity theft on the rise

Fraud and identity theft are increasing, suggests a report issued this week by Equifax Canada. Despite this rising threa

SOCIETY | March 15 2019 01:30PM
Regulators launch consultation on regulation of crypto-asset trading platforms

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) have

INVESTMENT | March 14 2019 01:30PM
Cyber risks: Canada has reached a tipping point, Aon says

The digital shift has ushered in new growth opportunities for firms, but also risks. Brian Rosenbaum, National Cyber

LIFE INSURANCE | February 18 2019 11:30AM
Cyber attacks seen as top risk by Canadian business executives

Cyber attacks rank number one among risks that concern business executives working in advanced economies and there is gr

LIFE INSURANCE | November 12 2018 11:30AM
Organization formed to establish cybersecurity talent collective

National Bank, Desjardins Group, Deloitte and RHEA Group have teamed up to support the creation of CyberEco, an organiza

LIFE INSURANCE | September 17 2018 11:30AM