Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit: just 3 players still in the game

Widely available before the stock market crisis of 2008, guaranteed withdrawal benefit products are now sold by only thr…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 20 2020 09:30AM
Empire Life brings out new guaranteed issue life insurance product

Empire Life Insurance Company has launched Guaranteed Life Protect, a new guaranteed issue life insurance product that p…

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LIMRA finds majority of annuity premium used to create guaranteed income

A new analysis by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute finds that half of the money that Americans invested in annuities in…

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Canada Protection Plan offers guaranteed-issue coverage

On November 2, the Canada Protection Plan has launched a new no medical, simplified-issue insurance lineup and says "no …

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Sun Life Unveils Guaranteed Investment Funds

Sun Life has introduced a new Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF). The product is divided into three lines, namely Sun GIF …

LIFE INSURANCE | May 06 2015 10:42AM
Desjardins Revamps Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefits

Desjardins Financial Security has made changes to several features in its Helios2 guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 17 2014 01:06PM