Exchange-traded fund assets surge ahead of hedge fund industry assets

ETF Industry outstrips global hedge fund industry by $8.4-trillion U.S. dollars.

INVESTMENT | May 08 2024 10:44AM
Average fund fees declined following implementation of disclosure rule amendments

New research indicates behaviour shifts among investors which are consistent with anticipated effects.

INVESTMENT | April 26 2024 10:50AM
Exchange traded fund assets reach their highest total ever in 2023

Only positive market effect allowed mutual funds to gain ground during the year.

INVESTMENT | February 01 2024 10:38AM
Annual survey finds fewer investors are using advisors

Despite high satisfaction with advisory services, fewer are engaging professional financial help.

INVESTMENT | October 06 2023 10:55AM
Regulators to review exchange-traded fund rules

Canadian Securities Administrators launch an assessment of currently applicable regulations.

INVESTMENT | August 14 2023 10:24AM
May 2023 sales figures released for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds

Mutual fund net redemptions continue.

INVESTMENT | June 27 2023 10:30AM
Mutual fund net assets increase despite investor net redemptions

Exchange-traded funds net sales continue.

INVESTMENT | May 26 2023 10:51AM