Pharmaceutical company advocates for more accessible healthcare

McKesson Canada President Paula Keays is appealing to the pharmaceutical and medical industry to improve accessibility t

HEALTH | November 05 2019 10:06AM
Biosimilars: British Columbia extends transition program

Rising drug costs are plaguing public and private health insurance plans alike. In response to this trend, British Colum

HEALTH | October 03 2019 11:14AM
SSQ offers pharmacogenetic testing to group plan members

SSQ Insurance announced Oct. 1 that it will now offer coverage for pharmacogenetic tests to members of its group insuran

HEALTH | October 01 2019 03:15PM
Plan costs due to rise: Aon

Employer-sponsored medical benefits costs in Canada are on the rise, expected to increase six per cent in 2020, outpacin

HEALTH | September 16 2019 11:30AM
Public drug plan spending on the rise

A new report by the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) reveals that prescription drug expenditures by Canadia

HEALTH | September 09 2019 11:30AM
Government announces measures to reduce price of patented drugs

The federal government announced on Aug. 9 the final amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations. These amendments

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH , SOCIETY | August 09 2019 01:30PM
CLHIA says public plans and insurer-based private plans should work together to expand access to prescription drugs

In reaction to the recommendation by an advisory council for the implementation of national pharmacare, the Canadian Lif

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | June 13 2019 11:30AM