Annuity products: 14 insurers in the game

One markets two products.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 25 2021 10:41AM
Canadian physicians offered new pension plan

A pension provider is offering self-employed doctors the opportunity to get a “real” pension plan.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 26 2020 02:50PM
Sun Life lands McGill University employee plan

McGill University has hired Sun Life to administer its employee pension plan.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 02 2020 10:56AM
Working Canadians expect they’ll retire later than current retirees

A new report indicates that working Canadians will be facing a new retirement reality compared to their parents and gran…

SOCIETY | October 27 2020 03:13PM
COVID-19 has many Canadians rethinking retirement plans

A new poll suggests many Canadians may make changes to retirement plans because of pandemic.

SOCIETY | October 22 2020 03:00PM
CRA warns against offshore annuity and disability insurance schemes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning Canadians against getting involved in tax schemes involving the use of offsho…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 27 2020 02:00PM
Wait until you’re 70 to take CPP, suggests new report

New report suggests holding off on CPP until age 70.

INVESTMENT | July 30 2020 02:30PM