Advisors optimistic but investors more cautious

Advisors are more optimistic than their investors about the prospects of a broader market recovery in the final months o…

INVESTMENT | October 19 2020 01:10PM
Horizons receives approval to merge cannabis ETFs

Horizons ETFs Management announced that it has received unitholder approval to merge Horizons Emerging Marijuana Growers…

INVESTMENT | February 21 2020 02:00PM
Horizons ETFs introduces three new total return funds

Horizons ETFs Management announced this week the launch of three new total return exchange traded funds.

INVESTMENT | February 07 2020 02:54PM
Investors and advisors optimistic about equities in 2020: Horizons ETFs

Investors and advisors are beginning the new decade with more bullish confidence about Canadian, U.S. and international …

INVESTMENT | January 29 2020 11:30AM
Horizons ETFs completes reorganization of TRI ETFs

Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) announced Dec. 2 that it has completed the reorganization of 15 exchange-traded funds …

INVESTMENT | December 02 2019 01:43PM
Advisors and investors get defensive in their investing

Confidence in traditionally defensive asset classes like precious metals is on the rise, according to a newly released s…

INVESTMENT | October 24 2019 02:49PM
Horizons introduces all equity ETF portfolio

Horizons ETFs Management has launched a new all-equity "ETF of ETFs" portfolio within its One-Ticket-Solution line-up.

INVESTMENT | September 17 2019 11:30AM