Ontario regulator reminds car insurance industry of the ‘Take-All-Comers’ rule

Consumers must be given access to timely insurance quotes, says FSRA.

P&C | November 16 2021 04:00PM
Regulator wants client’s interests put first in new titles framework

Credentialing bodies should be able to handle consumer complaints.

LIFE INSURANCE | November 16 2021 10:40AM
Regulator publishes health service provider supervision plan

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario says it will take action against those found to be non-compliant.

HEALTH | October 20 2021 09:45AM
Regulator publishes life agent reporting and insurer oversight obligations for comment

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario has launched a public consultation period to get feedback on its …

LIFE INSURANCE | September 13 2021 09:08AM
FSRA imposes summary penalties for CE violations

Two life insurance and accident and sickness insurance agents are each being ordered to pay a summary administrative pen…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 26 2021 01:46PM
FSRA consulting on licensing exemption in mortgage deals

FSRA looking to achieve regulatory efficiency among mortgage brokers.

SOCIETY | August 19 2021 12:00PM
Former State Farm, Desjardins exec appointed to FSRA board of directors

FSRA chair, Joanne De Laurentiis welcomed the appointment.

P&C | August 19 2021 10:10AM