Regulator imposes penalties against three former agents

Representatives used international students to generate fraudulent insurance business.

P&C | December 26 2022 09:00AM
Greatway Financial ordered to overhaul training by January 31

Multi-level-marketing practices not specifically addressed in regulatory order.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 22 2022 03:22PM
Ontario regulator extends timeline to obtain credentials

Title protection framework work focused on approving credentialing bodies

INVESTMENT | December 22 2022 03:05PM
Regulator publishes in-depth look at vulnerable consumers

Insurance providers less trusted in general when compared to other regulated entities, according to a FSRA study.

SOCIETY | December 15 2022 10:58AM
Regulator exceeds service standards in handling life insurance decisions

Falls short of targets in auto rate filing decisions.

SOCIETY | December 06 2022 02:29PM
Ontario regulator publishes supervision plan for health service providers

Latest effort to affect auto insurance rates to include practice compliance examinations.

P&C | December 02 2022 10:51AM
Regulator proposes to ban deferred sales charges on seg fund contracts

Rules would apply to new and existing contracts after June 1, 2023.

SOCIETY | November 29 2022 10:49AM