Race to insure electric vehicles could change the industry

Car manufacturers begin offering insurance to support sales.

P&C | April 23 2024 10:41AM
Electric vehicle drivers should expect to pay more for insurance

Rates are going up, but trend may be moderated or mitigated by regulation.

P&C | March 29 2024 10:15AM
Commercial real estate adversely affects insurers’ 2023 financial results

Recent deterioration has negative impact on earnings; capital levels not affected.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 22 2024 10:57AM
Regulatory scrutiny of insurer’s alternative investments increases globally

Illiquidity, complexity, model risk and counterparty risks examined in new research note.

INVESTMENT | February 16 2024 10:55AM
Electric vehicle drivers should brace for higher insurance rates

Slower transition in Canada gives insurers opportunity to learn from European experience.

P&C | February 13 2024 10:38AM
Industry issues less debt in 2023

Most Canadian insurers postpone non-essential issuance because of rising new debt costs.

SOCIETY | February 12 2024 10:29AM
Prospects are favorable for property and casualty insurers

In property and casualty insurance, two agencies are assessing market prospects for 2024. The future is less positive fo…

P&C | January 05 2024 10:59AM