COVID-19: Government-run long-term care homes more heavily criticized

Many Canadians believe LTC homes have handled COVID-19 as well as could be expected.

HEALTH | May 26 2021 01:40PM
More Canadians now view COVID-19 as serious and worried they or their family will fall ill

As the COVID-19 virus spreads so do the number of Canadians who say they see the threat of a coronavirus outbreak as ser…

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Canadians over 55 find barriers to health care, says study

Canadians often take pride in their health-care system, but a new study finds that more than two million Canadians over …

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Gen X has little sympathy for Millennials

A survey notes that a narrow majority (53%) think today’s young people do face more difficulties than previous generatio…

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Millennials and Gen X increasingly anxious about their future

While most Boomers feel at ease, fewer people from the Millennial and Generation X age groups are confident that they wi…

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Canadians worried about overspending on renovation projects

A recent poll has found that about one in three Canadians plan to renovate or improve their homes this year, although ma…

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You're not old until you're 80

A study conducted by Angus Reid has found that many those who have reached age 65 feel younger than their years and expe…

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