A national survey and new report from Aviva Canada Inc., suggests that a growing number of Canadians are considering a move to more rural locations, many are prioritizing home renovations, but many are not protecting their homes as much as they should.

The How We Live Report, based on a survey of 2,506 Canadian homeowners and renters, conducted in March 2021, found that 31 per cent are considering relocating as a result of the pandemic with more than one third of those considering a move to a semi-rural or rural location. 

“There are insurance considerations when it comes to rural versus urban properties,” says Aviva Canada managing director of personal insurance and data science, Phil Gibson. “The age of the home, its proximity to fire hydrants or firehalls, and flood risk are all factors that insurers take into account.” 

Although 17 per cent said they improved their home in the last year, and 13 per cent say they plan to make changes in the coming year, only one third of those who made changes to their home hired someone to complete the work – most instead opted to take on the work themselves. Of those who made changes, only 40 per cent have updated or intend to inform their insurance provider about the changes. “Over half said they don’t need to,” Aviva reports.

The survey also examines perceptions about property values, the purchases Canadians have made in the past year, the use and prevalence of home security and water detection systems, and Canadians’ attitudes towards commuting and public transit.