Bradley Kenneth Harold Van Altena, after being terminated and reported to the Insurance Council of British Columbia for cheating on his qualifying examinations, is being assessed investigation costs in the amount of $2,562.50 by the regulator. It also states in the council’s order and intended decision that the council will not consider an application for any insurance license from Van Altena for one year.

First licensed as a level 1 general insurance salesperson in November 2020, Van Altena held an authority to represent an agency until January 2022 when the agency terminated him for cheating on his CAIB 2 (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker 2) exam.

Received text messages related to exam content 

The misconduct was discovered when the agency’s vice president of operations attended the agency’s branch “for the resignation of that branch manager,” at which time the branch manager, known as JB in the intended decision, surrendered their corporate cellphone and laptop. As the vice president went through JB’s cell phone, they discovered screenshots of text messages related to exam content dated the same day Van Altena was taking his exam. After the agency completed an investigation, the former agent admitted to the cheating. The vice president informed the agency and the agency’s nominee in turn informed the insurance council.

“The former licensee confirmed that he read the CAIB 2 exam rules and understood them. The former licensee admitted to having a cellular phone in the exam on the date of the exam. The former licensee admitted to being aware that he should not have had the cellular phone in the exam,” the intended decision states. Both Van Altena and JB say JB had no knowledge that Van Altena was sitting an exam when the messages were sent, as they had been helping him for several weeks with exam content.

“The act of cheating and the former licensee’s actions are contrary to the principle that licensees are trustworthy and are expected to conduct all professional activities with integrity and reliability,” the intended decision states. “Such conduct raises concerns about the former licensee’s competency and whether they possess the minimum competency required to hold a license.” 

In addition to investigation costs, the council also ordered Van Altena to complete an ethics course and the Council Rules Course for General Insurance Agents, Salespersons and Adjusters before reapplying for a license in the future.