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Tina Tehranchian featured in new book about women leaders

So how does a Toronto-based financial advisor get to be in a book along with the likes of Mary Barra, Oprah Winfrey and

INVESTMENT | June 26 2019 01:30PM
Greater awareness about critical illness insurance driving sales growth

Sales of critical illness insurance (CI) in Canada have been spiking higher thanks to greater demand by a younger demogr

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | September 19 2018 07:00AM
Strategies to help your aging clients plan and hit their retirement income targets

Questioning clients on their goals and aspirations has always been at the heart of holistic financial planning. But it&r

LIFE INSURANCE | January 27 2017 07:00AM
50 Women of Influence in Canada’s Life Insurance industry

Traditionally male-dominated, the Canadian life insurance industry is changing. Many women are now reaching the highest

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | August 18 2014 09:05AM
Women of Influence: Tina Tehranchian

Defining high performanceIf there was ever an example of how high achievers turn into high performers, Tina Tehranchian

LIFE INSURANCE | August 18 2014 09:00AM
Saying “it’s my fault” could void your E&O coverage!

Empathize and sympathize. Ask how you can fix the problem. If it’s your fault, though, leave it at that. If you admit it

LIFE INSURANCE | November 20 2003 02:52PM