Manulife recently rolled out a new program designed to provide health insights to benefits clients, intended to help them make better decisions about employee supports being provided.

The firm says the data derived shows a growing number of young Canadians are suffering with mental illness and diabetes. In particular, it found that the number of Canadians between 18 and 34 on long-term disability for mental illness has increased 22 per cent since 2019. In the same cohort, the number of claims for mental health reasons has also increased 27 per cent since 2021. Finally, they say Canadians under age 44 made up 19 per cent of those who submitted diabetes claims in 2022, up from 13 per cent in 2019.

Ashesh Desai, head of group benefits for Manulife Canada says the program gives employers insight into their benefits plans so they have better data with which to design future employee health programs. “Companies can use these insights to ensure their benefits are structured adequately to support employees’ increasing needs.” 

Currently available to select Manulife group benefits clients, the firm says it will be rolled out to other large companies beginning in 2023.