Insurance Journal launches Product Finder – a comparative analysis tool to help advisors

By Serge Therrien | May 20 2020 10:45AM

The Insurance Journal Publishing Group is pleased to announce today the launch of a new analysis tool that enables advisors to offer even better service to their clients. Using Product Finder, advisors can generate tables that compare the various life and health insurance products sold in the Canadian market. They can then share these tables with their clients in order to better advise them and quickly determine the product that best suits their needs.

Product Finder tables include the client’s name, the advisor’s name and the date the product table was created, making it an excellent compliance tool.

Product Finder is a spin-off product of InsuranceINTEL, The Insurance Product Intelligence Centre, which is a service offered by the Insurance Journal Publishing Group. This competitive intelligence service contains information on more than 400 life and health insurance products. It allows insurance companies to compare their products with those of their competitors.

Product Finder is designed specifically to assist advisors when they need to make recommendations to their clients. The information included in Product Finder presents simplified and streamlined descriptions of each product to make them easy for consumers to understand. It is, therefore, a highly useful tool that allows advisors to start sales conversations and to quickly make recommendations. For clients, the tables become valuable documents to help them make a buying decision. If a consumer shows interest for a specific product, advisors can then contact their MGA to obtain the insurer’s official documents.

Product Finder is available immediately by subscribing to the Insurance Portal, a product of Insurance Journal Publishing Group.

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