CLHIA issues benefits fraud warning

By The IJ Staff | November 01 2019 10:06AM

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) issued a warning this week to those who may intentionally submit false or misleading information to insurance providers in their rush to use up benefits before the end of the year.

Health and dental benefits fraud is a crime, they say, with consequences that can include loss or reduction of benefits, loss of employment, a criminal record, fines and jail time.

“Most Canadians don’t understand that health and dental benefits fraud is a crime,” the CLHIA said in a statement Oct. 31. “75 per cent of insured Canadians think that the main consequence of benefits fraud is having to pay higher premiums or reimburse claim payments,” they add.

The association says it is raising consumer awareness of health and dental benefits fraud through its Fraud=Fraud website and campaign. In it the CLHIA points out that stealing from an employer is a serious offence, and that many employers have a zero-tolerance policy for benefits fraud. They also say a fraud conviction results in a permanent criminal record, even if jail time is avoided.

The website also prominently features links to fraud and investigation contact information at all major insurers, and encourages visitors to make a report if they think a coworker or health provider might be committing benefits fraud.

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