Blue Cross insurance in Quebec and Ontario is offering a reduction in individual health insurance premiums for dental and health care benefits to its clients, most of whom are entrepreneurs and self-employed workers with no access to group plans.

The reduction corresponds to 50% of the cost of dental care and 20% of the cost of the extended health care insurance benefit, and will automatically apply to clients' accounts for three months starting May 1.

Aims to make life easier for insureds

This targeted reduction in premiums is in addition to various measures aimed at making life easier during the COVID-19 pandemic and encouraging the wellness of Blue Cross insureds. Their coverage now includes access to virtual consultations with a variety of healthcare professionals, including dietitians or nutritionists, speech therapists and psychologists, depending on the services included in each contract.

Meanwhile, Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) is making rate changes and credits for both April and May for small- to medium-sized businesses in British Columbia. Retroactive to April 1, PCB is applying premium reductions to all fully insured non-refund groups which will take the form of a rate change under the group policy.

Rate changes affect dental and non-drug premiums paid

The rate changes include a 50 per cent credit against dental premiums paid and a 20 per cent credit against non-drug-related extended health care premiums paid.

"We have always supported small- to medium-sized businesses that choose Pacific Blue Cross to improve the health and well-being of their employees.  By reducing premiums, we can do our part to support these businesses that are the backbone of our communities," says John Crawford, president & CEO, PBC. "We believe these premium reductions will provide some financial relief while assuring members that they can continue to get coverage for the services they need."

PBC said it will continue to review the interim measure on a monthly basis.