The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) has responded to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy, saying greater collaboration is needed to develop and disseminate information about the linkages between climate change and life and health outcomes. It also calls on the government to leverage the industry’s appetite for sustainable investment opportunities.

“Climate change presents a complex and long-term risk to public health, and consequently, to life and health insurers. As such, while managing climate change is of interest to many, it is an area of significant and growing concern to the life and health insurance industry and we see it as our responsibility to support adaptation efforts and to build a more resilient Canada,” they write.

They add that the industry is encouraged by the government’s consideration of climate change and its impact on physical and mental health. “However, the causal linkages between climate change and life and health outcomes lack sufficient study. Canada’s healthcare system requires significantly more robust research to more reliably forecast how climate change will impact the health and wellbeing of Canadians.” 

They continue, saying the association recommends greater collaboration between all levels of government, health care providers and health insurance companies. “We would also recommend a dedicated research funding stream and the development of data sharing mechanisms with the private sector to better understand the impacts of climate change and health-related risks.”