The Canadian Life Insurance EDI Standards organization (CLIEDIS) is outsourcing its day-to-day administrative activities to the consulting firm LOGiQ3.

CLIEDIS announced yesterday that it was transferring its administrative work to the insurance consulting firm LOGiQ3 in order to free up more time for the firm's implementation specialist Tana Sabatino.

In a statement released yesterday, CLIEDIS’ Executive Director Darlys Corbitt said the move will give Sabatino more time to develop and refine electronic data standards for the industry, and to help CLIEDIS members implement them. In addition, it will allow Sabatino to encourage the use of data exchange standards in the industry through speaking engagements, meetings, and industry communication.

As a result of the change, CLIEDIS’ mailing address and phone number is changing to:

60 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON, M5C 3E4